In designing our menu, we have selected for your stomach, body and soul delicious traditional and Mecklenburg dishes as well as many other dishes from the pot and pan for you. Convince yourself and discover our culinary offer.


Clear beef broth

3.90 €

with meatballs, vegetable strips and egg custard. (a,c,g,i)

Soljanka by type of house (2,4,9, g,i)

4.50 €

with baguette

Spiced meat in a cup

6.50 €

spiced pork meat baked with cheese and baguette (2,4,8,a,d,g,f,i,l)

For the small appetite

Baked Camembert (125 g)


freshly breaded and baked camembert with cranberries,
Butter and baguette (a,c,g)

Baked potato

14.50 €

with marinated chicken breast fillet strips, tomatoes, spring onions, small side salad and homemade potato dip (2,9, g)

Giant shrimp plate (7 pieces) (slightly spicy)

11.80 €

Giant shrimp tails fried in herb butter with onions,
garlic and chili, garnished with spring garlic and tomato cubes with baguette (2,a,g)

Double portion 23,50


Side salad

3.50 €

Large salad plate “Chicken”

17.50 €

fried pickled chicken breast strips (approx. 160g)
on crispy salads of the season, butter and baguette (a,g)

We serve house dressing with our salads (yoghurt-tomato dressing (4.6 a,c,j,g) or vinegar and oil cruet).

Baked zucchini fan filled with herder's cheese

12.90 €

with tossed tomatoes, spring onions and baguette (a,g)

Homemade Potato Rösti (3 pieces)

13.50 €

with fresh mushrooms, diced tomatoes and spring leeks in a creamy sauce (a,c,g)

Tagliatelle “Gorgonzola”

14.50 €

Ribbon noodles with Gorgonzola cream sauce,
garnished with arugula and tomatoes (1,a,g)

colorful vegetable rice pan “Teriyaki”

13.50 €

freshly sliced vegetables with rice, seasoned with teriyaki sauce and roasted sesame (3,11,a,f,k)

Colorful potato and vegetable casserole - VEGAN

15.50 €

Baked potatoes and colourful vegetables with a vegan herbal cream cheese sauce

Tagliatelle “Coriander” - VEGAN


Ribbon noodles with colorful garden vegetables in a vegan coriander cream sauce, garnished with arugula

vegan “Chili sin carne” - VEGAN


Chili from vegan minced meat with onions, corn, kidney beans and tomatoes, with wedge potatoes (3,4,a,f,h,i,j,k)

VEGGIE Burger 150g Patty - VEGAN


Vegan burger patty, vegan cheese, fried onions, lettuce,
iceberg lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, gherkin, vegan burger sauce, chili sauce in a potato-sourdough burger bun
with French fries (1,2,5,3,4,a,h,i,j,k)

From the sea

Matjes fillet “Nordic type”

15.50 €

2 matjes fillets with homemade remoulade, onion strips
Fried potatoes and side salad (2,4,6,8,9 d,g,j)


Skreifillet baked in the oven

23,90 €

170g Norwegian winter cod marinated with herbs,
Butter, garlic and lemon, with sliced tomatoes and spring onions with salted potatoes (a,d,g)

Fried Skreifillet  (170g Norwegian winter cod)

23.90 €

Skreifillet fried on the skin side, salad garnish, lemon and fried potatoes (a,d,2,4,8)

Zander fillet (170g)

25.90 €

fried on the skin side, on a vegetable bouquet
with horseradish sauce, with butter potatoes (2,3,9,a,d,g,j)

Cutter plaice "Finkenwerder Art" (450g)

26.90 €

with bacon tips, salted potatoes, butter and lemon garnish (1,3,4,8,9,a,d,g,j)

Salmon fillet teriyaki (170g)

26.90 €

Fried salmon slices on colourful pan vegetables
seasoned with roasted sesame and teriyaki sauce, with rice(3,11,a,f,k)

Fish plate (210 g)

28.90 €

Fried zander, skrei and salmon fillet, 2 scampi,
melted butter, salted potatoes and lemon garnish (1,2,4,9, a,b,d,j,g,n)

Meat dishes


14.50 €

Omelette of 3 eggs, stuffed with fried potatoes, bacon cubes and onions on a gherkin tray and beetroot (3,4,8,9,c,g,j)

Homemade sour meat

15.50 €

with remoulade, roasted potatoes and side salad (2,3,4,8,9,c,g,i,j)

Stuffed Rib Roast

17.90 €

with apples, plums & raisins, sauce,
Salted potatoes and red cabbage (2,4,i,l)

HSH Burger 150g Patty

18.50 €

Beef patty, cheese, bacon, fried onions,
iceberg lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, gherkin, burger sauce, chili sauce in a sourdough potato bun, with fries

XXL HSH Burger 300g Patty

24.50 €

Beef patty, cheese, bacon, fried onions,
lettuce, iceberg lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, gherkin, burger sauce, chili sauce in a sesame burger bun with French fries (2,4,8,9,a,c,g,i,j)

Pork steak "Au four" (180g)

20.50 €

baked with spiced meat and cheese, lemon garnish
and potato croquettes (1,2,4,8, a,d,g,i,j,l)

Beef roulade “house style”

21.90 €

with a strong sauce with red cabbage and potato dumplings (2,3,4,8,9, a,c,l,j))

Pork fillet "Toskana Art" (180g)

24.50 €

Pork fillet medallions in bacon coat on crispy pan vegetables
topped with spicy tomato cream sauce and wedges(2,3,4,8,9 a,,j,g))

Pork tenderloin slices "Zurich style"

25.50 €

Sliced pork fillet with mushrooms and onions in a white wine cream sauce garnished with spring onions and tomato cubes, with potato rösti (9,a,c,g,j,l)

Wild pot with forest mushrooms

25.90 €

Spicy goulash of deer and Mecklenburg wild boar tossed with forest mushrooms, cranberries, bacon beans and potato dumplings (1,2,3,4,9, a,c,g,l)

Craving something fresh!

3.50 €

We recommend our side salad

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast steak "Bella Italia" (160g)

19.50 €

Baked with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto, served with wedges with dip. (1,2,8,9, a,c,g,j)

Juicy chicken breast steak (160g) on a fruity curry pineapple sauce

19.50 €

and rice (2,8,9,a,g)

Chicken breast “Coq au vin”

22.90 €

braised chicken breast fillet (160g) with carrots, mushrooms and onions in red wine sauce, with croquettes (2,a,c,g,i,l)

Craving something fresh!

3.50 €

We recommend our side salad

Steak menu

Argentinian rumpsteak with herb butter

with bacon beans and herb butter, as a side dish we serve fried potatoes (2,3,4,8,d,g,l,)


28.50 €


33.90 €


38.40 €

Argentinian rumpsteak with herb butter

served with fried mushrooms with tomatoes and spring onions as a side dish we serve fried potatoes (2,3,4,8,d,g,l,)


29.50 €


34.90 €


39.40 €

Onion steak from Argentine pasture beef 

Rumpsteak with fried onions,
side salad, herb butter and French fries (1,3,a,d,g,l)


29.90 €


35.30 €


40.70 €

Grill Plate "Special" (220 g)

27.50 €

Rump steak, pork fillet steak and chicken breast with crispy bacon, fried onions and herb butter, on Letscho vegetables and fried potatoes. (1,2,3,4,8,g,i,j,l)

Craving something fresh!

2.90 €

We recommend our side salad

Please select the cooking level for the beef steak rare, medium, or well done.

Schnitzel Variations

(all schnitzel variations can also be ordered as chicken schnitzel (160g) + 2,00 €)

Pork schnitzel "Viennese style"

14.50 €

breaded pork schnitzel (2x 80g) cut from the back
with roasted potatoes and lemon garnish


Pork schnitzel (a,c,i,g)

18.50 €

with fresh cream mushrooms and French fries

Pork schnitzel “Hamburg style”

19.90 €

with buttered vegetables, fried egg and fried potatoes. (3,4, a,c,i,g)

pork schnitzel with Spiced meat (1,2,4,8, a,c,d,g,i,j,l)

20.90 €

baked with cheese, fries and salad garnish


Tagliatelle “Gorgonzola”

14.50 €

Ribbon noodles with Gorgonzola cream sauce,
garnished with arugula and tomatoes (1,a,g)

Tagliatelle "Chicken"

21.50 €

marinated chicken breast strips (160g) with fresh tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, chili and ginger in
cream sauce, garnished with arugula (1,a,c,g,i,l)

Tagliatelle “Coriander” - VEGAN

16.50 €

Ribbon noodles with colorful garden vegetables in a vegan coriander cream saucegarnished with arugula

Craving something fresh!

2.90 €

We recommend our side salad

Side dishes

If you change side dishes, we will charge you for all dishes

0.60 €

Supplement extra

4.00 €

You can choose from:

  • French fries
  • Fried Potatoes (8.10)
  • Potato dumplings (4 pieces)(8)
  • Croquettes (5 pieces)(5, 8)
  • Salt potatoes
  • Potato salad (4, 6)
  • Homemade Rösti (2 pieces) (5, 8)
  • Wedges
  • Rice
  • Bread or baguette with butter
  • Foil Potatoes with potato cream (as a change of side dish plus 2,00 €)
  • Serving of vegetables extra 4,00 €
  • Various sauces (warm) 2,00
  • Remoulade, potato cream 2,00
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard 0,60
  • Extra fried egg 1,50

Discover our culinary offer:

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